Desert Solo Experience October 14-18, 2018

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Sculpting Heads Making Faces — working with clay — a hands on journey through the ages A Biography Workshop January 31/Feb1, 2015 at Sanderling Waldorf School in Carlsbad

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Tell Me What Love Is — It’s Valentines Day — A perfect day to learn and practice the Dyad Communication Process Saturday February 14, 2015 1:00-4:00 pm in Vista

Love is about meeting. Whenever you give your attention to someone or something with interest and openness, love becomes present.

The Dyad Communication Process is a way to practice meeting face to face and heart to heart. It is a practice of speaking openly and honestly, and of listening with full attentiveness and interest – the basic ground of all healthy relationship. It is a practice of creating a space within ourselves for another to enter. It seems to have the power to bring love out of hiding and melt the barriers that we so cleverly construct to keep love away. The fruit of this practice can be carried over into all your relations – at home, with friends and at work.

The process slows us down and invites us to look inward, to sit in silence and wait for whatever gems of insight float to the surface wanting to be shared.

This day is about learning and practicing a communication process. You don’t have to be part of a couple to join us. You just have to be striving to become a human being!

Come alone or come with a friend.

Location — Emerald Village in Vista

RSVP — please call Joseph Rubano — 760-754-1148 or email

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True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensive October 15 – 19, 2015

Our next True Heart True Mind Enlightenment Intensive will be October 15 – 19, 2015 in La Jolla, California. Please call for registration. 760-754-1148

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Desert Solo Experience November 16-20, 2014

Our next Desert Solo Experience will be November 16-20, 2014 Please contact me for more information.

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Friend by Friend


Who is my mother,
Who my father,
When I am being created
friend by friend?

I don’t remember who I was without you.
We have been tending sacred fires
for a long time
We are wanderers, drawn by the light
of those fires.

Surrounded by darkness,
Emerging out of darkness,
We enter into the sacred ceremony
of each other’s life.

We sing, we dance,
Humbled by the power
Of each other’s presence
we pray.
We become prayers for each other.
We sing praises to each other.
And breath by breath, thought by thought,
touch by touch,
Music rises between us.

What I was, I am no longer.
Shaking with hope, yielding to your hands
I stand trembling before you.

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